T’was The Night before the VS fashion Show..

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Hello lovelies,

I am back and I’m very excited because  it’s the night before the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The most glamorous, sexy night of fashion and high priced lingerie.  The 1 hr shows off what fantasy and sexy is all about. Its the night where men droll over the models and us women droll over the lingerie pieces. Now if you ever stepped foot into Victoria secret especially the ones in Vancouver with the spiral stair case and the huge tv screen walls you know it screams elegance and sex appeal. There are chandlers, vintage  dressers and all different shades of pink. No wonder why its almost every women favorite store to go into, you just feel sexier being in there.


Usually early December the annual fashion show airs and its everything and more the fashion industry should be, its exotic, glamorous, fun and high profile, with real life chart topping musicians coming to play on stage as they walk. So for this most glamorous night of fashion and lingerie. I wanted to give you my top 6 tips and tricks so you can have fun watching the show with friends or even with your boyfriend.

1) Victoria Secret Robe


The robe is EVERYTHING. Its gorgeous and silk and bedazzled. This is my first year owning a VS fashion show robe, I wanted one for years and this year I finally caved and bought one. Retail price use to be around $120- 160 Canadian ( or what I remembered it was) This year it dropped to $70 a steal I would say mostly because its limited edition and NYC is my favorite place beside Vancouver and Disneyland/land and that’s what is printed on the back. So this was meant to be for me. Wearing the robe makes you feel extra sexy and feel like your part of the show or at least makes you feel like an angel when your doing hair and make up in it.

2 ) Do your hair and makeup

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There is nothing more fun than doing your hair and make up nicely and watching the show. Pamper yourself and get those wavy  big curls ready for the show, so you can look just like the models.

3 ) Wine… Wine… Wine

giphy (4).gif

Its a classic night, so pop one of your favorite wines or bubbly and sit back and relax as you see your next paycheck slipping away in tan skin and stilettos shoes. I know I’ll be popping some of my favorite white wine and moscato in a wine glass.

4) Snacks


Whether it be celery and mini tomatoes to chips and pop or popcorn grab a snack so you don’t miss out on anything Victoria Secret. I know I’ll for sure be eating those carrots sticks and mini tomatoes.

5) Get into character


In words of Ru Paul “You better work” practice your runway walk and poses at home so you can join in with the models in all the fun, super cute posing, come on, you thought posing and doing the model walk was ONLY for angels. Girl,  strut your stuff like you ARE an angel.

6) Look the part

tenor (2).gif

If you watch the show you must own some sort of lingerie or bra and panties from the store at some point. Put those lacy, sparkly, jaw dropping fabric garments on and look look just like the angels whether it be under your rope or under your clothes or just plain in your lingerie or undies, feel like an angel and look like one too. Boyfriends/husbands thank me later.


That’s all for today lovelies.  I hope you guys will be watching the show. I know I will. I hope to be making a full on spoiler alert and thought post the following day after the show.  Stay lovely lovelies




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